Aerial Panorama canvas print

Aerial Panorama canvas print

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A high resolution - panoramic canvas print ready for your wall. In my first collection of prints - you'll find a selection of images to choose from, showcasing some of my favourite spots around Yamba and Angourie  - shot from the air to offer a fresh, elevated perspective. Images are printed on Polyester Canvas using archival quality inks - and the end result is UV treated and waterproof. They are then stretched onto Pine frames right here in Yamba.

If you're a Yamba, Maclean, or Grafton based customer - I offer free delivery within 7 days of purchase. For customers that require postage - there is a $20 flat rate fee to East Coast based locations. 

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Happy to present something I have been working on for a while now. For the last 12 months I've been putting together a body of work, comprised of aerial panorama pictures of the Clarence Valley. While collecting aerial footage for projects I was working on for local clients, I started capturing still images as well - thanks to the capability of my drone to capture a high resolution raw image. Not being content with the standard field of view on offer from a single photograph, I began experimenting with the Panoramic technique - taking between 3-6 photos of a particular scene - and then using imaging software to stitch these photos together. The technology was also perfect for this application - as the camera is attached to the Drone by a Gimbal - a device that keeps the camera steady while it pans sideways, firing off the photos that will then later be stitched together to form the Panorama.

I thought the result was really unique - and brought a fresh angle to the local locations I was shooting. I produced a test print on a large canvas - and was stoked with how well the images held up when blown up to a larger size. I then began capturing images whenever the weather was suitable - and began building a collection of images - with the goal in mind of producing a series of local prints. What you see here now is a couple of my favourites from Yamba and Angourie. I do the stretching of the canvas onto wooden frames myself locally.