Autumn at home

After getting back from the US and Canada - I found myself on home turf for one of my favourite times of year around here - Autumn. With less workload on my plate than usual due to wrapping up a lot of my previous work prior to my two months abroad - I had plenty of time to keep the regular adventure theme running and actually check out some spots in my own backyard that I'd been neglecting. I jumped in the car, either solo or with a friend, and hit the highway west for the mountains that start out the back of Grafton. I probably saw more of this inland region over the course of that month or so than I had in my time growing up in the area. A bit of a good note to self to not wait for the next overseas trip to head on a fresh nature mission, there's a whole lot to see within a few hours drive from pretty much any town on the east coast. Here's some photos I took.