Interstate to Freedom

Three aussies on the road in the US and Canada. Does the modern roadtrip to an area like the insta-famed Pacific Northwest still carry the same associations of freedom as the counterculture roadtrips of the past, famed by films such as 'Easy Rider'? Or has social media taken away the integrity of such rites of passage.. if the purpose of such trips is merely to curate and deliver imagery of a 'free' lifestyle to your 10.1k follows along with a nice #wanderlust hashtag? Maybe the true nomads these days are those who don't share their travels with the online world. Maybe its the land of the free or maybe its not. Or maybe the pursuit of freedoms overrated anyway. This travel edit won't answer any of these questions but do you really think you're gonna find freedom being a voyeur on someone elses travels anyway? You won't, but hopefully you'll be entertained for 6 minutes watching some of my recent memories from the road.

Filmed/Edited by Caleb Graham

Miles Davis

Easy Rider (1969)
Mr Freedom (1968)

Shot on:
Red Epic-x
Canon 6d

Contax/Zeiss - 28mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4
Helios 58mm f/2
Canon 24-70 F4 IS