Troutman and Central. A NY video diary.

'My first trip to New York, and a great chance to test out a camera I picked up in LA - A second hand Red Epic-X. After picking up some batteries and a smaller shoulder bag I hit the streets from my Bushwick airbnb (Located near the intersection of Troutman and Central streets - hence the name) armed with either the Red or a Canon 6D. Lenses used on the Red where the Zeiss/Contax 28m f2.8 and the Helios 58mm f2, and on the Canon I was running my go to travel lens - The 24-70mm. All handheld. 

Locations -  Bushwick, Williamsburg, Lower East Side, Wall Street, The Rockefeller centre, and the Staton Island Ferry.

Music: Trouble - 'Snake Eyes' (From the return of Twin Peaks soundtrack)'

Frames below, and video below that.

Caleb Graham