The national park up the road'

A lot of the imagery on this blog will come from my travels, but the fact is I live in a pretty photogenic part of the world. After a day spent behind the screen during the past week, I was feeling pretty inspired to get out into nature and shoot some images. This particular National park is only about 10 minutes from home, and holds some special memories from over the years - some shared with others, and some without. I felt like shooting some photos as its a solid source of practice and inspiration for my primary focus - capturing moving images. I think being able to bring a fresh perspective to locations and objects that people wouldn't normally pay much attention to in day to day life is always a good challenge. You are rarely simply just documenting something - you are using lighting, composition, focus and different focal length lenses to immerse your viewer in a moment in time. Being late afternoon, there was plenty to work with - deep shadows and bright and colourful highlights. I decided to take the single lens approach - Attaching a well made vintage lens (Late 70's Zeiss/Contax 50mm 1.4 AE) to a full frame Canon body. A lens that brings a bit of character and flares nicely, paired with a modern high resolution digital would help me get the results I was chasing. An hour and a half in Yuragir National Park - enjoy.

Caleb Graham