Van Diemens Land.

As promised, the purpose of kicking this blog off again was to bring to life images that have been sitting on a hard drive. The bulk of that just happens to be travel-related. This post is from a trip to one of my favourite places - Tasmania, with one of my good mates Ismay. The plan was to grab a van in Launceston, and make our way down the East Coast - chasing waves along the way. The van ended up being the perfect vessel, as there was no shortage of empty coastal carparks to pull in for the night. Local legend Geoff Swan had offered to put us up for a night or two when we got to Hobart. As luck would have it a swell popped up on the charts for a wave I'd always wanted to see in the flesh - Shipsterns, and we got to spend a day out there with all the local legends, as well as a few fun sessions on the east coast in the following days. Below are the products of that one week in Tassie.

Caleb Graham