I enjoy working on projects that will push me both creatively and technically. As I move forward in my career, with over 7 years of industry experience, I have focused my attention on Director of Photography and Editing assignments. The ocean is what first got me into filmmaking - and over 10 years after I first started filming my friends surf with my dads camcorder - it remains one of my favourite things to film, and a subject I find myself continuously coming back to in my work. Natural light, and capturing natural environments has become central to my style of filmmaking and still gets me stoked. 

Some recent projects I've been engaged on as a DP include 'Clintons walk for Justice' - A Documentary Australia Foundation production directed by long term collaborator/friend Darius Devas, as well as a TV pilot in the travel/lifestyle genre, and a diverse range of commercial films for clients such as Optus, Bentley, and First National Real Estate. I have also continued to work with the ABC as an editor on the 'Heywire' series of short films, a rewarding project that has seen a double in the amount of video's produced during the three years in which I have been involved. I have just finished Editing the third season of films. 


Moving forward I'm focusing my attention on what I can achieve behind the camera in DP roles, as well as continuing to refine my storytelling skills as a video editor. Im always looking to collaborate and network with like minded film industry professionals, or anyone with an interesting story to tell. Stoked to still be living and breathing this lifelong pursuit that is filmmaking.